Our Stoneware Products – Tradition from Passion

Tonbehälter mit 950 Litern Fassungsvermögen
Tonbehälter mit 950 Litern Fassungsvermögen

Traditional, unique warehouse art rediscovered

Stoneware is a natural, breathable raw material

Optimum storage and maturation conditions: in our clay containers

Stoneware containers provide your product with space for breathing and unfolding

Refinement of the original flavourings without additives

As unique as your product

Suitable for spirits, liqueurs, wines, beers and oils

Clay vessels are offered in sizes 500 and 950 litres, but can be customized

The stoneware container is characterized by its longevity in the maturation and storage process

Traditional manufacturing process

Each container is unique

TÜV-tested for use in the food sector

Special customer versions possible by arrangement


We have had our clay containers tested for use in the food sector. The test log can be viewed here.